Texturizers - Thinning Shears - Blending
Shears with "teeth" are commonly called "Texturizers", "Thinning Shears" or "Blending shears"The perfect complement to your styling shears - texturizers, like all scissors, come in a variety of designs. In general they will have a cutting blade and a tooth blade. There are a few companies selling texturizers with teeth on both blades, but don’t be fooled one of the blades is still a cutting blade. They fall into 4 basic categories depending on number of teeth: Coarse – Medium – Fine – and Ultra-Fine.
  • 1. Coarse Texturizers – usually have fewer than20 teeth
  • 2. Medium Texturizers – typically have between 24 and 29 teeth
  • 3. Fine Texturizers – range from 30-36 teeth
  • 4. Ultra-Fine – 40 or more teeth
Coarse Texturizers (often called chunkers) are designed to remove bulk while leaving the length. A well designed chunker can be used in place of point cutting.

Medium Texturizers - Perfect for loose blending and texturizing. Fine Texturizers – Use these to break-up the lines left when cutting in the line on long hair. Ultra-Fine Texturizers – When blending in thin or very fine hair these are the perfect choice. Don’t think of these shears as simply blending shears. We have shown that the chunker can be used to do a men’s haircut in less than half the time normally required. Also we teach people how to use this to replace point cutting so if you have a client who shows up late for their appointment you can get back on schedule by using it instead of doing all the point cutting you may usually do.

Properly used texturizers will enhance your cutting techniques and can fix a multitude of sins.

In all of your choices select the proper tool to add to your kit. Texturizers should be sharpened about twice a year.

Using a Texturizer
Lifetime warranty against any factory defect. The comfort and quality of the Musashi Shear is a delight for any professional hair stylist. A properly fitted shear reduces fatique and makes cutting a joy. Check out the links below for the best shear to match your cutting needs.
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