Dry Finish Shears
The cut is not done until you finish witha Dry Finish Shear Also called bamboo leaf shears are unique in their design. Instead of the standard 800mm radius found in most Japanese style shears these have a more dramatic curve from hilt to tip, a 700mm radius. The design is specifically for holding dry hair in place when slide cutting or doing finish work.

After you have completed a hair style there is always some finish work to be done once your client’s hair has been dried. A dry finish shear like our MR6 is the perfect tool for the job. Wickedly sharp and with that dramatic curve in the blade you’ll find this shear glides through your client’s hair without any pulling or yanking.

There are many shears sold as dry finish shears which do not have the proper 700mm radius on the blades. What the manufacturer has done is produce an optical illusion by curving the outside of the blade. Be careful when you select this shear to be part of your tool kit. Again the point is this is the right tool for the job of working on dry hair.

Dry Finish Shear Advantages
Lifetime warranty against any factory defect. The comfort and quality of the Musashi Shear is a delight for any professional hair stylist. A properly fitted shear reduces fatique and makes cutting a joy. Check out the links below for the best shear to match your cutting needs.
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