Avoid Carpel Tunnel
The thumb swivel shear is the best way to avoid the wrist strain suspected of causing Carpel Tunnel Syndrome The Musashi Shears thumb swivels are all general purpose styling shears designed to remove all the pressure on your thumb and wrist thought to contribute to repetitive motion injuries.

There are generally two kinds of thumb swivel shears sold. The most common is the single axis thumb swivel, this shear has a thumb hole designed to rotate perpendicular to the blade. This was designed to take some of the pressure off your hand and thumb reducing the chance of contracting a repetitive motion injury so common in stylists.

The newer and far better design is the “free floating” or three dimensional thumb swivel. This design allows your thumb to move comfortably in three dimensional space so that you no longer have to move your entire hand or arm to change your angle of attack. It also promotes the ability to turn the shear entirely upside down allowing you to point cut with your wrist relaxed and your elbow down.

Musashi has three basic thumb swivel designs. Narrow Stance – Wide Stance – Tri-hole (or Ultra-Control) Wide Stance.
  • If you have small hands the Narrow Stance MR3 is probably the best choice for you. It is available in 5 – 5.5 and 6 inch lengths.
  • If you have larger hands the Wide Stance MR21 would be the perfect choice. Extraordinary comfort and flexibility in use is what you’ll feel when cutting. This shear is also available in 5 – 5.5 and 6 inch lengths.
  • Many stylists have tried thumb swivels and simply could never get used to them. For those people I simply put the MR23 Tri-Hole Ultra Control thumb swivel in their hands. What I hear is …”oh I could get used to these.” The MR23 combines the benefit of the thumb swivel with the control provided by having three fingers locked into the finger blade.

Getting used to a thumb swivel shear.

When you first pick up a thumb swivel, in most cases, it will feel strange. A lot of stylists are almost afraid of it since it is so flexible. There are a couple of things you can do to get past that lack of confidence. First is to understand that you simply need to develop the muscle memory in your hand to turn this into your favorite shear. The hardest part of making the shear part of your hand is palming the shear and then getting your thumb back into the thumb hole. I always suggest that you take the shear home and while watching TV simply practice palming the shear. The biggest trick to making it seamless is to remember – do not look at your hand while practicing.

Within a few days you will wonder how you ever got along without this shear.

Avoid Carpel Tunnel
Lifetime warranty against any factory defect. The comfort and quality of the Musashi Shear is a delight for any professional hair stylist. A properly fitted shear reduces fatique and makes cutting a joy. Check out the links below for the best shear to match your cutting needs.
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