Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Shears
Shears - Your most important tool! The right shear makes your job so much easier.
While the wrong shear will make your day feel like it will never end. Using the wrong shear for the job at hand will often cause you to spend more time trying to get the cut right and you'll discover that the constant struggle and pressure can often lead to Carpel Tunnel Syndrome or other repetitive motion injuries.
Quality is important. The quality found in any pair of shears has to do with the steel alloy used, the craftsmanship of the manufacturing process and the design of the shear. The Musashi Shears Six Shear "Perfect" Set features a customized combination of hair scissors. Six top quality shears for your cutting enjoyment. The link above highlights Mushashi Shears Six Shear Perfect Set. It contains three styling shears and three texturizing shears. This set was designed by platform artists and salon owners and includes every shear a professional stylist will need.
Shears we Recommend
Musashi Professional Styling Shears Our Musashi Shears have stood the test of time. Professional stylists around the world have been using Musashi Shears for the past decade with utter satisfaction. Musashi Shears were highlighted on the Shear Genius program broadcast on the Bravo Network. Each of the contestants used a custom fitted set of Musashi Shears throughout the competition with high praise for both the shears themselves and the quality of cuts they achieved using these great shears. As a professional hair stylist, you to can count on the quality and design of Musashi Shears. You will find a wide variety of handle styles and lengths from 4.5 to 7.5 inches. Lefties, you are in luck Musashi Shears provides an excellent selection of left-handed shears. They are not sold at a premium price, rather they are priced the same as the right-handed counterparts.
Demonstration Videos
June 8th
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Perfect Left-Handed Shears
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Damascus Styling Shear
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